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Cultural touch by Nawayath Mehfil to conclude Anjuman Centenary Celebrations’ inaugural event

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Bhatkal 7 January 2019: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeem’s centenary celebrations on Sunday concluded on a high and pleasant note with Nawayath Mehfil organising a traditional event based on the Nawayath culture and language here at Anjumanabad.

Several events, competitions and skits were organised for the students in Nawaiti language during the event. The competitions included Quiz themed Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, One minute show, translation of Urdu words into pure Nawaity words among others.

Hundreds of people turned for the event to appreciate the efforts being put in by Nawayath Mehfil to preserve the Nawayath culture, heritage and literature for the future generations.

Release of Nawaity phonetic keyboard

The high note of the event remained the release of phonetic unicode Keyboard with complete Nawaiti fonts, including those which were missing in the script of the language but were being used verbally. The keyboard was collaboratively made by Nawayath Mehfil and Bhatkallys.com as its founder and Chairman Mohsin Shabandri played key role in the project.

A few months back a team of Nawayath Mehfil, an organisation that works to preserve the culture of Nawayath community and its over a thousand years of history, met Syed Manzar Zaidi, a software engineer working for AXIS media solutions in Mumbai, and requested him to develop the three missing characters in a unicode phonetic keyboard, a step which will take them closer towards getting the language its due recognition by the government.

A couple of months later, Zaidi developed the characters in unicode phonetic keyboard, which was released during the Nawayath Mehfil’s event on January 6, at Anjumanabad as a part of centenary celebrations of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen Bhatkal. It was inaugurated by Qazi of Jamatul Muslimeen Bhatkal Moulana Iqbal Mulla Nadvi.

Mohsin Shabandri, Mustafa Tabish and the President of the organisation Abdul Rahman Jan, played key roles in bringing up the project, which eventually paid off, much to the anticipation of the local Nawayaths ahead of its release.

“It was a herculean job to accommodate all the permutations for the characters on the keyboard, so multiple keys have to be held down together to achieve certain arrangements of the letters” Zaidi was quoted as saying by Mumbai Mirror.

A cutting from the paper of Mumbai Mirror dated 6 January 2019, which covered the story

Abdul Rahman Jan, described the step as a stride towards preserving the language for next generations.

Mohsin and Mustafa Tabish are also hopeful that the project till prove to be a wise one for the community on a bigger picture.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau)


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