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Bhatkallys.com hosts prominent Urdu poet Tabish Mehdi

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Bhatkallys News Bureau

Bhatkal 06 Feb 2018: Bhatkallys.com team on Tuesday hosted prominent Urdu poet of India Dr. Tabish Mehdi at the residence of Mohsin Shabandri the chairman and founder of Bhatkallys Media Society.

Dr. Tabish was briefly explained about the operational structure of Bhatkallys Media Society and the Urdu Audio App by Mohsin Shabandri. Dr. Tabish was amazed to see the rare audio collection the Urdu Audio App possesses and called it a masterpiece of Urdu literature in the modern world.

Dr. Tabish Mehdi is one of the most prominent Urdu scholar and poet of the country and has multiple Ph.Ds to his name. He has also authored over 43 Urdu books out of which 9 of them are of poetry.

Dr. Tabish was in Bhatkal to attend the All India Alami Rabita Adab-e-Islami conference organized at Jamia Islamia here.

Dr. Tabish gave an detailed insight of his life while speaking on an video interview. And also read out a few of his Na’ats and poetry.

Mohsin Shabandri then thanked him for visiting Bhatkallys.com team and shared his ideas of us coming together while working for the betterment of Urdu language and literature.

Bhatkallys Media Society Director Jailani Shabandri, Social Activist Abdul Raheem Patel and Abdullah Damudi were also present during the meet.


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