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Bhatkal to have a renewed cleanliness system by December end: TMC President

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Bhatkal: November 10, 2020 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) “There is a lot of work to be done in Bhatkal. But I will start doing important and small tasks on a priority basis in the beginning. I am determined to make Bhatkal a modern city in my tenure.” These views were expressed by the newly elected President of the Municipality, Mr. Pervez Qasimji, while addressing a congratulatory meeting for the newly elected President and Vice President of the Municipality and Jali Pattan Panchayat at Majlis-e-Islah-o-Tanzeem here today.

The President thanked the Majlis-e-Islah-o-Tanzeem and others for giving him the opportunity to work for the development of the city and said that a different pattern of cleanliness would be seen in Bhatkal by the end of this year.

Pervez Qasimji while accepting the suggestions of the officials in this meeting said that they want everyone to work together and no one should be harmed. He said that he had taken notice of the problems faced by the people for working in Bhatkal Municipal Corporation and said that as soon as he took charge, he had started correcting it and since then the work has also accelerated.

On this occasion the President of the Organization Mr. SM Syed Pervez, General Secretary Mr. Abdul Raqib MJ, Maulana Abdul Rab Khatibi Nadvi, Maulana Syed Zubair SM, Mr. Inayatullah Shabandari, Mr. Imran Lanka, Mr. Altaf Kharuri also expressed their views. He congratulated the elected officials and advised them to work for the development of the town.

The meeting was moderated by Maulana Yasir Barmawar Nadvi while vote of thanks was given by Mr. Jailani Shabandari.

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