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Bhatkal TMC felicitates its employees who visited Singapore on study tour

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Bhatkal 13 July 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Three employees of Bhatkal TMC who visited Singapore along with the Bengaluru Municipality members this year, were felicitated at the TMC office of Bhatkal here on Thursday, 12 July.

In a meeting chaired by TMC President Mohammed Sadiq Matta on Thursday Karupayi Manikya Harijan, Raju Abbu Harijan and Madev Narayan Korar who visited Singapore were felicitated.

Speaking on the occasion Raju Harijan said “Singapore has adopted several high tech and scientific method to maintain cleanliness and is way much cleaner than India comparatively. If India can successfully implement those technologies and methods or even 50% of those than India can become one of the cleanest country of the world”.

TMC president Sadiq Matta while addressing the event said “It is indeed a proud moment for us that, three of our members were selected for Singapore visit, and now I hope the members will implement the methods they have seen or experienced there and whatever they have learnt here in Bhatkal”, he added.

Qaisar Mohtesham, Venkatesh Navuda, Venugopal Shastri, Sojiya Soman, Ajay Bhandarkar and others were present during the occasion.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau/ Fristen Dias)


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