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Bhatkal: Several local fishermen union meet to discuss light fishing controversy

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Bhatkal 6 February 2019: Bhatkal Taluka Persian boat fishing association, Nadadoni Sangha, Trawl boat association, Traditional fishermen union and other fishing unions on Tuesday evening organized a meeting at Venkatapur Auditorium and discussed their stand on the controversy of light boat fishing in coastal Karnataka over the past few weeks.

Taluka’s Assistant Director of Fisheries (ADF), Ravi, heard all the pleas of all the fishing union and discussed various problems faced by them while fishing. He in the meeting said that all the fishing boats have to abide by the rules set by the Government while fishing in the sea.

He further said, “The Persian boats, Trawl boats and Nadadoni have to follow uniform color code while ferrying in the sea for fishing. The fishermen of Nadadoni have to use more than 20mm mesh nets while fishing. Trawl boat fishermen have to use more than 35mm nets while the Persian boats need to use more than 45mm fishing nets while fishing. The light fishing boats should not use more than 25KV generator while fishing. Life jackets have to be compulsorily used in every fishing boat”.

Hearing the set of rules, the fishermen associations sought some more time to implement the set of rules laid down during the meeting.

However, The Nadadoni association demanded that only 20 persian boats should be allowed to fishing in the see as permitted by the government, to which, the trawl boat association said, “It has been years since we filed applications seeking permissions for light fishing in the sea. We must also be allowed for light fishing in the sea”. What followed was a heated argument among the several fishermen union in the meeting.

ADF Ravi informed that the minutes of the meeting will be shared with higher officials and after considering them, it will make a decision.

Persian boat association President Ganesh Moger, Coastal security force CPI Suresh Nayak, Rama Kharvi, Narayan Moger and other were present in the meeting.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau)


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