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Bhatkal: BMYF warns parents against PUBG game after Eid prayers

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Bhatkal: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Eid-ul-Fitr prayers in Bhatkal were offered at Eidgah after four years, as for four years the Eid prayers were being offered in Juma Masjids owing to the weather conditions, prayers at Eidgah meant that people from all over the town gathered at one place for the special prayers, giving people the opportunity to meet and greet people on the occasion of Eid at one place.

Bhatkal Muslim Youth Federation (BMYF) however took the opportunity to warn the parents against popular gaming app. Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), citing its dire consequences on the young minds which has led to several deaths in the country recently.

BMYF distributed pamphlets after the Eid prayers at the Eidgah cautioning parents of keeping a check on the online activities of their kids and take the threat of PUBG seriously.

The pamphlets added that the ‘other name of PUBG is death’ to warn parents in the backdrop of recent reports of several loss of lives while playing the game. It further added “In recent reports, many children in cities and in rural areas destroyed their families and the sole reason was that they disturbed them while they were playing PUBG”.

The pamphlets further urged the parents to keep their children away from the ‘dangerous game as there’s no benefit regretting later’.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau)


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