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Bhatkal residents oppose plans for new waste dumping ground

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Bhatkal – A new waste dumping ground under construction in Bhatkal’s Belni Village is seeing major opposition from residents in the locality.

Residents of Dongarpalli and Bandar Road expressed their concerns and opposition to the move in a memorandum presented to the Assistant Commissioner. Belni and Mawinkurwa residents also expressed their displeasure in a letter presented to the Panchayat President.

A major demand of the residents is to cancel the project altogether and halt any proposed construction work for the new dumping ground.

Vittal Naik, a social worker and former president of Block Congress, led the delegation as he explained the area is densely populated. Schools, farms, homes and places of worship in the area would be affected by such developments proposed by the officials.

“Dumping waste in the area will cause sickenss and health issues,” said Vittal.

He also noted the memorandum was a step towards resolving the issue amicably and any plans to continue with the development of proposed dumping ground will lead to protests and agitation.

The memorandum was received by Somitra Gonda, President of Mawinkurwa Panchayat and Dasa Naik, Vice President of Mawinkurwa Panchayat.

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