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Bhatkal: Reservations announced for SC/ST in upcoming TMC elections

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Bhatkal 7 August 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) The current term of Town Municipal Council (TMC) will come to an end after just over six months, following which the council will once again go into elections for the next term.

The Urban Development Department of Government of Karnataka has issued a notice mentioning the list of reserved wards of the town to the respective castes.

The list notifies that Eight wards of the town will be reserved for Backward classes (A and B), while general category will have thirteen wards for them out of which six wards will be reserved for female candidates and Scheduled Caste (SC) and Schedule Tribes (ST) will have one ward each reserved for them.

In the backward class categories six wards will be reserved for class A of Backward class three each for male and female candidates, while B class of backward class will have two wards reserved one each to male and female candidates.

The notification is signed by KL Bagalwade, Under Secretary to the Government of Karnataka Urban Development Department which oversees the election and other operations of Town Municipal Councils across the state.

Here is the detailed breakdown of the table of as mentioned in the notice issued by the Urban Development Department Government of Karnataka.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau/ Ismail Zaorez)

Bhatkal Muncipalty Council
sl.no.Ward numberWard checkpost detailsReservations
11EastVenkatapur village border(NH17 (right side)Backward Class(A) Female
WestJali village border(Madina colony) and Heble village border
NorthVenktapur village border and Heble village border
SouthWard no.2 border and Urdu primary school
22EastNH rightside and Venkatapur village border and till Fathima complexGeneral
WestJali village border (Aminuddin road left side)
NorthTill Hakkim Electrical shop
SouthMoulana road and ward no.6 north border
33EastBunder roadBackward Class(B) Female
WestJali village border and Bara building road
NorthBorder of Ward no.4 (mugdum colony mosque)
SouthMaghdoom colony part and ward no.9 border
44EastBunder road 5th crossGeneral
WestJali village border
NorthJali village border and Hanuman Nagar road border
SouthMaghdoom Colony part and ward no.3 border
55EastBunder road 2nd cross and metro roadST
WestBunder road 5th cross right side
NorthJali village border
SouthBunder main road
66EastNH and Lowna complexBackward class (a)
WestBunder road 2nd cross right side and Jali village border part
NorthMoulana road left side part
SouthNoor masjid road right side KSRTC Dippo and bus stand
77EastVenkatapur village border and till sagar road police quatersGeneral female
NorthVenkatapur village border nad KHB colony
Southsagar road
88EastBorder of ward no.10 and Bunder roadBackward class(B)
WestJali village border Talgoad village border
NorthNational road
SouthBelli village border
99Eastward no.10 border and Bunder roadBackward class(A) female
WestJali village border
NorthQabaristhan, till Hilal mosque of Bunder road
SouthNational road
1010EastMain road part, Sultan street partGeneral female
WestBunder road Naagarakatte(booster pump house)
Northward no.11 border and Bunder main road
SouthSharabi hole
1111EastNH 17 part and main roadGeneral
WestBunder main road
NorthBunder main road and Noor mosque road
Southward no.10 border and TMC house no.591  till Manjunath Naik’s house
1212EastBilal Khand village borderBackward class (a)
WestMain road and national highway
NorthSagar road
SouthKoteshwara road
1313EastMain road partGeneral female
Northward no.10 (central lodge and Dongar mosque leg block)
SouthSiddque road right side margin and ward no.17 border
1414EastGopal krishna temple roadbackward class (a) female
WestMain road
NorthKidwayi road
SouthMoulana Azad road left side margin
1515EastBilal block village border, railway stationGeneral
WestGopal krishna temple leftside
NorthGulmi road residential site
SouthRaghunath temple road (ward no.19 to Pushpanjali theater)
1616Eastward no.17 border and Alwa streetGeneral
NorthSiddique road
Southward no.20 border(Kazia street)
1717EastMainroadrightsideBackward class (a)
WestTanzeem office
NorthMusba cross, sultan street part
SouthMohd Ali road part
1818EastSubash roadGeneral female
WestMain road
NorthMoulanaazad road
SouthNehru road and car street
1919EastMutalli village border and chowthni riverSC
Westward no.18, 22nd border Nehru road part and Subash road left margin
Northraghumath road right side margin part
Southchowtni lake
2020EastTakia streetGeneral
NorthGowsiya street
2121EastMain roadGeneral female
WestShazli street
NorthMohd Ali road part
2222EastNehru road partGeneral female
WestMain road left side
NorthNehru road right side part
2323EastPuravarga, Mud BhatkalGeneral
WestMundalli village border
NorthChowthni street part
SouthChowthni village border Kudre Birappa road



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