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Bhatkal: Auto-drivers protest alleged attacks

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Bhatkal 11 June 2018: Over a hundred auto-drivers of the town along with officials of Auto-Drivers union gathered outside town police station demanding immediate actions against those who allegedly attacked two of the auto drivers at Madeena colony on Monday afternoon.

On Monday afternoon, Imran Khan and Abdul Mutaal, the two auto drivers had parked their autos at Madeena colony ‘Kadi Machine’ when the two were allegedly attacked by two youngsters. While Imran sustained a few injuries on his hand, Abdul escaped unhurt, the who incident was followed by a 2 hour long drama outside town police station.

Both the parties stated two different reasons behind the attack, while the auto-drivers claimed the youngsters were miffed at their autos being parked in front of the gate of their house and attacked them for it without even requesting them to move their vehicles, a move which the drivers claim would have sorted the issue peacefully.

On the other hand, the youngsters who allegedly attacked them claimed, that the two drivers were indulged in eve-teasing of the girls residing in the locality and were warned earlier too, which they took lightly. This claim of the youngsters was also supported by the residents of the locality who claimed that both the driver were regular eve-teasers and would purposely park their vehicles in the area.

Imran, who had admitted himself to Bhatkal Taluka Government Hospital after the incident recorded his statement to the police in the hospital and filed a case against the two youngsters namely Abdul Rab and Usama, both residents of Madeena colony for allegedly attacking them in broad daylight, while Abdul Mutaal recorded his statement as the witness of the incident.

A counter case was also filed from the Abdul Rab and Usama and their families against the two-drivers for allegedly indulging themselves in eve-teasing, claiming that the duo was also caught red handed while peeping into the window of their bathroom.

Cases against both the parties have been filed at Bhatkal town police station and further investigations are underway.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau/ Ismail Zaorez)


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