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Auto rickshaw collides with Ambulance at Shamsuddin Circle

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Bhatkal: 20 June,2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) At Shamsuddin Circle in Bhatkal this evening, an auto rickshaw collided with a speeding ambulance, causing the rickshaw driver mildly hurt. Both the rickshaw and the ambulance, meanwhile, were severely damaged. According to the report, the ambulance was transporting a patient from Honnavar to Manipal when it collided with an auto rickshaw going from Sagar Road to the circle while blaring its siren at high speed.

The rickshaw flipped on the opposite side of the road as a result, and Nagraj Timmappa Devadiga, the rickshaw driver, suffered minor injuries to his head and feet.
According to reports, only the driver was on board the rickshaw, while a woman was with the patient in the ambulance, who was confirmed safe. The patient and the woman were transferred to Manipal by another ambulance shortly after the accident.

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