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Anjuman delegates interact at technology workshop in Dubai

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Dubai, 26 December 2017 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) : Giving educators access to better tools to stay connected, a new technology platform recently introduced at Anjuman is helping develop efficiency and productivity.

Delegates and executive members of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen in Dubai learned about new technologies at Anjuman during a special session hosted at the residence of Dr. S.M. Syed Khalil recently. Providing free access to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook services, the delegates were briefed about the new tools and its role in connecting the campus.

Enabling seamless connectivity between executives and staff members at various education institutions managed by the group – the tools are increasingly becoming popular with staff and management members. The workshop was facilitated by Shabandri Mohammed Mohsin, an alumni and former executive member of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen.

Switching to the new platform, executive members are now encouraged to facilitate e-mail communication, calendar management and team updates through the Microsoft 365 for education product portfolio.

Microsoft office 365 for education, which offer a variety of services will soon be introduced across campuses to serve as a communication link between teachers,managements, staff, parents and the students.

“By bringing the latest technology to our campus, we will improve efficiency, save cost and time. This will provide better services and help us in the long run,” said Shabandri Mohsin.

Microsoft Team is a chat based solution that allows collaboration tools via chats, e-mail, calendar, groups and audio / video calling.

Microsoft Classroom solution will be used to create course content and bring collaboration between, teacher, student and parents.

Anjuman ex-President, Dr. S M Syed Khalil thanked Shabandri Mohsin for taking initiative and utilising his expertise in introducing latest technology. He called upon the management team to implement the solution and use it to enhance collaboration and improve operation efficiency. Future plans include a full implementation of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications for education management and more training sessions to improve operational workflow at the institution.

The workshop was hosted as part of a larger Middle East tour facilitated by Shabandri Mohammed Mohsin, who is also the founder of Bhatkallys.com.


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