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Accident waiting to happen near Bhatkal fish market as TMC overlooks ‘dangerous pothole’ for over three months now

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Bhatkal 10 October 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Over three months after the TMC demolished a concrete road to clear the drainage beneath it, the administrative body has been ever since overlooking a dangerous pothole left behind after the demolition.

Bhatkallys.com team after receiving complaints from shop owners of the area visited the spot and found the pothole to be actually dangerous for two-wheeler riders especially during nights as it turns into a isolated area at night with very light movements of vehicles.

The local residents complained of ignorance by the TMC officials and claimed that even after three months of complaining of the pothole, the administration is yet to initiate any action on the complaint.

The incident dates back to three month earlier when frequent blockage of the drainage beneath the road made the TMC to demolish the road and clear the blockage and since then it is lying in the same condition with a huge concrete brick covering the pothole making it pose more danger for bikers.

Mushtaq Mashaikh, whose chicken shop falls exactly in front of the pothole said “It concerns us as to anybody can oversee the pothole during night and can be a victim of road mishaps, and as the place is more isolated at night it makes the case even worse. We have complained about it to our TMC, they assured of repairing it and has been telling us that special concrete brick which is ‘under construction from three months now, it is difficult for people who commute on this road during night”.

Speaking to Bhatkallys.com TMC President Sadiq Matta said “I am following the issue up, and the latest update I have from our engineer is, a special concrete brick is being prepared and the road will be repaired soon, we demolished to clear the blockage under the road”.

Meanwhile the shopowners alleges that even after demolishing the road and clearing the drainage, it can be seen blocked every now and then, smelling so bad that people refute to take the route for regular commutation.

It will be interesting to see if the TMC officials can arrange a temporary solution to the pothole before they can offer a permanent solution or before it results in any mishap.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau)


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