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A place where ‘Gilli Danda’ is still being played in Bhatkal

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Bhatkal 28 October 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) As kids we all have lots of memories of the sports and games we used to play during our childhood, be it indoor or outdoor games, those games and times are always dear to our hearts and will be cherished for a long time, something the gadget generation will not have to boast about to their next generation as we do to them.

With the advent of games like Cricket, Football, Kabbadi and the kind of popularity it has earned in the region, most of the traditional games played a couple of decades back, are now extinct with a few on the verge of losing their battles to the urbanisation.

Once a popular game among the kids in Bhatkal, Gilli Danda game played with two wooden pieces is now fighting its battle of survival with only a section of people aged 30+ left with its fond memories while the youngsters today hardly recognise it by its name.

But to the delight of oldies who have played the game at its peak and want to relieve the moments and memories, a group of youngsters in Maghdoom colony have an opportunity for you to do it as they organise games and tournaments of the game at Al-Hilal ground also known as ‘Mountain Ground’ on regular basis.

Not just the players old-age people also visit the place to watch these games perhaps to live their moments of childhood by seeing these youngsters play ‘their game’.

“It is as if Don Bradman watching Sachin Tendulkar play and rise in ‘his game’ in late 90s when he cannot play the game’ adds one of the player who regularly play Gilli Danda at Mountain ground here.

All in all it is an opportunity for you to take your dad/ grandpas to take them out for a outing at Mountain ground and let them relieve their childhood, believe me they will love it and it you will win their hearts. So what are you waiting for, go take them their.

Note: For playing schedules and details/info on upcoming events and tournaments people can contact Muazziz Kola on +919036509564.

(Bhatkallys Special Report Bureau/ Ismail Zaorez)

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