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Title Author Topic Date Player
Aap Biti- Interview Hafeez Jalandhri Interview 31/05/2021
Biti Yadain 02 Dr. Mushirul Haq Nadwi Interview 19/01/2021
Biti Yadain 01 Dr. Mushirul Haq Nadwi Interview 02/01/2021
Biti Yadain 02 Mulla Wahidi Interview 07/09/2020
Allama Iqbal Say Mulaqatain Dr. Syed Abdullah Interview 02/11/2019
Interview Yusuf Dehlvi Khattat Yusuf Dehlvi Khattat Interview 04/09/2019
Guftugu Syed Muhammed Jaferi Interview 16/03/2019
Biti Yadain Shamim Ahmed Interview 27/11/2018
Guftugu Surur Barabankvi Interview 27/10/2018
Meri Sarguzasht Dr. Moulvi Muhammed Shafi Interview 19/09/2018
Biti Yadain Dr. Ghulam Mustafa khan Interview 09/09/2018
Moulana Ubaidullah Sindhi Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Qasimi Interview 09/09/2018
Ali Brothers Mulla Wahidi Interview 26/08/2018
Interview 05 Majnoon Gorakhpuri Interview 16/05/2018
Interview 01 Hyderabad May Sahafat Abid Ali Khan Interview 13/05/2018
Interview Abdul Aziz Memon Interview 28/04/2018
Talaba kay liay Wasiyat Abdul Aziz Memon Interview 28/04/2018
Interview 04 Majnoon Gorakhpuri Interview 14/04/2018
Mari shairi - interview Firaq Gorakhpuri Interview 06/04/2018
Interview 02 Majnoon Gorakhpuri Interview 28/03/2018
Interview 03 Majnoon Gorakhpuri Interview 28/03/2018
Shaikhul hind ka tazkirah Mufti Muhammed Shafi Interview 24/03/2018
Interview 02 Mufti Muhammed Shafi Interview 24/03/2018
Beeti Yadain 05 Mahirul Qadri Interview 03/02/2018
Interview 04 DR. Akhtar Husain Raipuri Interview 13/01/2018
Interview 01 Majnoon Gorakhpuri Interview 05/01/2018
Biti Yadain 04 Mahirul Qadri Interview 30/12/2017
Interview Behzad Lakhnavi Interview 22/12/2017
Interview 03 DR. Akhtar Husain Raipuri Interview 18/12/2017
Beeti Yadain 03 Mahirul Qadri Interview 09/12/2017
Biti Yadain 02 Mahirul Qadri Interview 30/11/2017
Sar Sari Guzasht Shaukat Thanvi Interview 30/11/2017
Biti Yadain 01 Mahirul Qadri Interview 14/11/2017
Interview 02 DR. Akhtar Husain Raipuri Interview 07/11/2017
Interview 03 Shorish kashmiri Interview 05/11/2017
interview 02 Shorish kashmiri Interview 04/11/2017
Interview 01 Shorish kashmiri Interview 24/10/2017
Guftugu Ghulam Rasul Mehr Interview 21/10/2017
Interview Mufti Muhammed Shafi Interview 15/10/2017
Interview 01 DR. Akhtar Husain Raipuri Interview 14/10/2017
Guftugu Mulla Wahidi Interview 04/10/2017
Guftugu Shanul Haq Haqqi Interview 21/09/2017
Beeti Yadain Pro. Aal Ahmed Suroor Interview 11/09/2017
Guftugu Saleem Ahmed Interview 01/09/2017
Dastan E Zindagi Jamal Mian Farangi Mahli Interview 27/08/2017
Mera Kutub Khana Ghulam Rasul Mehr Interview 19/08/2017
Zindagi kay Ibtidai Shab o Roaz shahid Ahmed Dehlvi Interview 19/08/2017
Interview Qamar Jalawi Interview 04/08/2017
Mera Bachpan Syed Muhammed Rabey Nadwi Interview 04/03/2009
Qadir Khan sae Guftagu Qader Khan Interview 02/05/2008

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  1. You had one of the videos of maulana sajjad nomani in which he presented his autobiography. If you still have that kindly upload it. I have seen it long back on your website.